The Mirah Naturals Story... 

My desire to find a mala with ethically sourced, high grade gemstones left me feeling frustrated. There had to be something to bridge the gap between the cheaper mass production and high-end jewellers.

So began my journey in sourcing exceptional gemstones and crystals from around the world from suppliers who promote good corporate and social responsibility.  It is something that is very important to me and I believe the energy from the gemstones and crystals is enhanced as a result.

So where did the name Mirah come from?  

Sometimes you have to look close to home for your inspiration...very close! 

'Mirah' is the Indonesian word for 'Ruby'. A beautiful gemstone encouraging a passion for life and the name of my daughter.  Had I not been on a search for a mala for her, my passion for mother earth's creations would not have been ignited. 

Natural Beauty

Originally crafted for family and friends, demand has grown through word of mouth.  Luxurious body butters, hydrating and anti-aging serums, face scrubs and treatments.

Small batch artisan production from Australia and the beautiful island of Bali.