"Mirah Naturals' (Sarah's) creations are gift from the earth.  They are healing tools for everybody.  Each combination is meticulously placed to enhance the quality of the crystals and their impact on your energetic body.  Sarah is definately connected to the mineral kingdom and her choice of stones is of exquisite quality.  Every strand has a story and I've thoroughly enjoyed all of mine."
Rebecca Yates, Intuitive Healing

"A friend of mine asked Sarah to make me a bespoke mala that she could give to me for my birthday.  At this request, Sarah tuned into my energy and created a piece which was full of semi precious crystals, pearls and complementary materials that responded to my individual energy requirements.  I just love my mala and keep it close to me at all times.  It has been so cleansing for me, that I recently also ordered one for another friend of mine and again, Sarah tuned into her aura and selected stones that would help give strength and positive energy to my friend.  She too is wearing her mala at all times and is enjoying the clarity and lightness that it brings to her life.  I also love the fact that the materials Sarah uses are from ethical sources and are of the highest quality.  I would recommend Sarah's mala's for anyone who is seeking clarity and cleansing in their own lives, or who seek to give this gift to others who are in need of it's healing and guiding properties."

"I have an affinity with my mala.  When first presented with this custom Mirah Naturals creation my eyes welled - was it the pure energy of the gems or the sublime aesthetic of the piece?  I'm not sure.  Sarah tuned into what my heart needed while I was thinking about what might go with a new outfit.  The result is a special extension of me."

"Mirah Naturals' Signature Blend is absolutely gorgeous.  I am enjoying it as both an oil and body cream.  Diffusing the oil throughout the house has become a daily morning ritual and, not only is the family enjoying the scent, but I find it particularly calming which puts my mind in the right place to approach each busy day.  In fact, if I anticipate a stressful day it's my go-to remedy.  I wear the scent often and have happily given away my expensive perfumes (they smell like chemicals now!) and my husband loves and compliments me on the new scent too.  Next, we delve into crystals, having placed a birthday gift order for my daughter."