Brazilian (Minas Gerais) Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Indian Rainbow Moonstone & Rudraksha Mala


“Here, you can hold her,” Sarah said, and casually handed me this exquisite necklace.  This is how I first met this mala.  Ancient people from all over the world have, since antiquity, felt the beating spirit in objects that in our understanding of the term, are not “Life.” Now, I am no shaman, but I have been working for and with crystals for nearly 13 years in a serious way and I am blessed to pass on my story of how I met and was healed by this living, breathing, spirit of the Great Goddess.

When you first see this mala, you can see all the effort and skill that went into her creation.  When you look at the beads that make her, you can clearly see the breathtaking quality of the stones.  But none of that has a candle on holding her. You feel this instant, but incredibly gentle energy, like a soft breeze wash over you starting from where you are touching.  She has an immediate softening effect, and I feel like I am holding a new born baby girl.  Only this child is the one who reassures you, who whispers to your soul and caresses your vulnerability, and honours it.  The Rose Quartz, for me, comes to the for first and so tenderly reaches out to me, I cried a little bit the first time I held her. Something, I can only describe as an immense release, welled up and out of my heart and third eye. Letting it all out, I shed nameless, heavy tears; each filled with emotion and closure. I remembered that it was not only okay to cry for those things I have consciously held on to, She held me as I let them, and many other subconscious hurts rise and blow away from me.

The Aquamarine beads while delicate and understated in the visual realm, are far more powerful than one might imagine.  Instinctively drawn to spinning them forwards and backwards, an amazing clarity and strength can be felt, particularly in the Crown Chakra.  Unfocus your eyes and let the facets give you insight into your present situation.  Mala told me some home truths in a loving but very clear voice, like a best friend! This ritual of staring through the facets would be a wonderful and effective ritual for you whenever you need to clear your mind of outside influence and Listen To Self.

Her Moonstone beads are also very powerful and evocative.  As I moved instinctively to them after the clearing from the Aquamarine, I felt a luxurious and mysterious sensation, like mist rolling in over a lake at night. Mala’s energy, for me, now turned into the Goddess’ embrace as I felt embraced by my Inner Magic. As I drew ever closer to this seductive and dreamy energy, I realised the magic that I was being drawn by was a actually a reflective form of my own magic! Like a tiny ember glowing back into life, the warmth and power of my long forgotten mystical core grew from my Solar Plexus and into my Sacral Chakra.

This mala is nothing short of an incredible creation. She can walk right into your heart and help you release so much! For me, it was then that her gift of clarity presented itself, and cleared away the last cobwebs of self-doubt and uncertainty. After the release, and the cleansing, the finishing carress and reignition of the core of One’s Own Magic is her final, invaluable gift.

I have been blessed to be touched by this mala, and know that her true keeper will hear her call and work together with her to heal and renew many other divine women.

Mala reading by J Lynn Sunderland of Crystal Universe, Perth